My future hafidz

Alhamdulillah ,, my pregnancy age is 23 weeks. God willing, he is a man ". I hope my second child becomes a child that is very useful for the homeland and the nation. I really want my second child to be a memorizer of the Qur'an. so that he can lift and guide me and his father someday in Allah's Paradise. God willing, each of your prayers and prostrations, after worshiping .. always say the verses "Holy Qur'an with the best I can .. this is my preparation during the second pregnancy ,, because at this time still in the womb to the age of 5 months .. #persiapankelahiranTAP #persiapankelahiranTAP #persiapankelahiranTAP Amin

My future hafidz
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Alhamdulillah, may Allah keep u safe and make ur dreams come true