Is it advise able to send lo to infant care? Any recommendation of infant care? How early do we need to start queuing for infant care / care child?

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I registered for my gal (now 3yo) for a place at the ifc when I was 4 weeks pregnant. Yes, that's like almost immediately after Clearblue gives us the go-ahead. We knew we only have this option since I need to go back to work after 3months of maternity leave. Hence, my gal started ifc when she was slightly below 3 months. Pros and Cons, having a child at ifc. Cons: More susceptible to common diseases like flu, cough or even hfmd. So if your company can provide insurance for your dependants, just purchase it! Pros: Like many shared, the child will get to be more independent at a faster rate, like self feed, soothe, etc. Less issues with separation anxiety too. I don't go for "branded" ifc. I chose one that is convenient for us to pick her up after work without rushing to a great extent (since I have an older kid in after school care). My First Skool and PCF are the more common neighborhood childcare with ifc facilities. The fees are also friendlier to your pocket but do expect that the child to teacher ratio may be maxed out at such places. Hence, your child may not get loads of individual attention.

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