Fussy / Picky Eater

Hi. My 3 years old girl is very fussy/picky eater at home. She only eat white rice, noodle, macaroni, foods that she likes. She doesn't eat vegetables and meats. How to ensure that she eats her food at child care?

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same as my 2&3 year old girl .. childcare is different they r learning to be emotionally independent, n also peer pressure because of the schedule time table . they will eat whenever it's lunch time or break time . .. they see their friends eat they also eat . teachers will also encourage them to try the vegetables .. now my girl eat alot of portions during lunch n break time . go home also eat alot .. now lesser fussy / picky to the food she eat .. I also take a look at the weekly menu they serve at cc and try to blend with them for dinner time .

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