CETAPHIL BABY REVIEW: A Mom's Partner to our Kids' Skin Care

2021 has been full of blessings as our family has grown not just three but four with our Baby Lexine arriving last August. And as we embrace another year of blessings with Zyaine and Lexine, I have a set of routines that I’ll keep instilling on them as they grow up. As I value health more than anything else, one of the things that I’ll continue to give my daughters is the 5-Fold Protection that will keep their skin healthy, which we’ve been traditionally practicing from Ate Zyaine’s skin care, and now sharing it with our new bundle of joy, Lexine, through Cetaphil Baby for their bath time. To ensure full protection to both my Ate Zyaine and Baby Lexine, it is important to keep in mind that we have these key components: 1. Gentle - gently cleanses skin and does not irritate the skin or eyes 2. Soothing - contains soothing panthenol 3. Moisture Seal - keeps skin moist and hydrated 4. Skin Barrier - respects the skin barrier of delicate and sensitive skin 5. Hypoallergenic - allergy tested Cetaphil Baby is filled with gentle ingredients safe to use on our kid’s delicate skin for their bath time sessions. And so I am sharing this with you, fellow moms, as we give the #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves. Aside from that, did you know that Cetaphil has products for eczema-prone skin? It’s their Cetaphil PRO line! Now, I am no longer stressing for the possible flare-ups that Lexine may have since I have Cetaphil with us, that is gentle, soothing and protective as it has always been through the years. Lazada: https://bit.ly/3IzLIR7 Shopee: https://bit.ly/3DB6DzG Special thanks to @cetaphilbabyph @theasianparentph 💙 #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves #theasianparentph

CETAPHIL BABY REVIEW: A Mom's Partner to our Kids' Skin Care
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cetaphil is trusted brand na tlga, effective kahit sa new born ko 🥰


Highly reco pa ng pedia derma 💙

Our derma only recommend cetaphil

congrats 💙

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Super Mum