My 19 months old boy likes to stick to his grandpa because he is the main caregiver. Whatever he wants, grandpa surely gives. This has become a habit and so when grandpa is busy or occupied with other things, boy will cry and cry and want to look for grandpa and when boy cries, my other family members will ignore and just let him cry till grandpa is free to come attend to him. Because of this I felt very stressed and helpless because I can't be there for my boy all time as I have to work and no one bother about my boy and only his grandpa. And this made grandpa also stressed cause no one can help him. Can anyone advise me what to do?

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Talk to grandpa not to give your son whatever he wants. For example, if he wants the ipad and pester grandpa for it, grandpa may tell him its not the time to use ipad now and may offer an alternative toy/book/activity for him to play. If grandpa needs to be away to do some chores/task, get grandpa to tell him that he would be away, but would come back within xx minutes and stick to it. (eg: I need to hang up the laundry, you can follow me to the laundry or you can stay here and play with the lego and I will be back in xx mins.) It may be difficult at first because your child is used to getting what he wants. The key is really to be consistent in your approach among all the caregivers, grandpa, you and dad. By being firm and consistent, your child will slowly understand. It will get better! Good luck!

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2y ago

her response willl actually work if you stick to this

19 months old, seperation anxiety is normal. As you mentiomed grandpa is. The main caregiver. During your free moments spend time with grandpa and LO. Allow LO to have space and respect his comfort zone. It will get better i promise, be patient. If this does make you feel better, at least you have a grandpa. I dont have any family members so its just me, lo, hub 365 days 24hours. True life story okay :)

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Can get babysitter or maid to help out? Or maybe consider preschool?

this is a phase ... tell other to play with baby