Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
yes for me 😁😁
Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?
No, too dangerous !
Do you give water to your baby when she has hiccup ? My baby is 3 mo, and in laws keep telling me to give water whenever they are around while PD said its normal for NB to have hiccup till they are 4m
The hiccup will go away on its own. If you are worried you can always give alittle milk. If you are breast feeding just let baby latch on for awhile.
Which do you prefer, a stroller or a carrier?
Actually both are important. Especially when your little one doesn't want to be in a stroller, then it helps when u have a carrier. Takdelah kena berdukung je kan. Sakit pinggang 😂
Please suggest some name starting with T for a baby boy
Tommy, Toras, tony,
what brands are you using for your little one's day diapers and night diapers? and what's the longest stretch you let her/his diaper go unchanged at night (assuming no poop just pee)?
Pampers premium care for both day/night. Longest would be 6 hours usually when he is asleep at night
Would like to know how long does it takes to have your period/menses back after giving birth?
After 9 month deliver the baby
Moms, what's your favorite 'me time' activity?
Mamasyal ng mg isa 😂😂😊😊
Kindly suggest me baby boy name starting with 'B'
Brayden, Bricen, Bentley
Would you be offended if your hubby let his business partner (lady) stay in your house for 2 wk?
of course la.