IFC teachers quarrelling

so end of year, the old teachers resign, principal resign, then also changing classes and shifts for the ifc teachers. today afternoon shift was all the "new" teachers and they cannot handle my girl who has been there since she was 2 months old. now 5 months already. today I pick her up, she crying, I just hold her and she stopped. but when I peeked in the window, they stuffed a blanket to her face and put her in the rocker to force her to sleep, when she crying so loudly. then they informed me that even though they just fed her 1 hour ago, they thought she hungry so fed her again, but she never stop crying, then they put the oil for the stomach cause thought she stomach pain but also didn't stop crying . .. last time the teacher will put pacifier but I guess they never pass the information, last time also teachers will carry awhile... but ok new teacher I just smile and say its ok, first day , they got to learn. then while I teaching my.husband how to use the carrier with the baby outside the center, we heard the 3 teachers with one kid still inside waiting for the parent, they quarreling very loudly. With one teacher scolding the other two the. they shouting.. I mean obviously , I feel the last kid sure traumatised... I feel I should say something but also not sure about it and to whom as well.. usually bb gurl come home will sleep immediately, but today, sleep alrdy then will cry very loudly when lights off and need to console , carry here and there half an hour and leave lights on, till she falls asleep.. I feel maybe she also traumatised by the new teachers way of handling her. Do you guys think I should say something to the morning teachers? or confront the afternoon teachers or wait a few days and see the situation? I don't know who more traumatised, my baby or my husband who usually don't pick her up, but clearing leave this end of year, so he is surprised to see her like this in the evening. And feels that the teachers traumatised her...

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