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Receive A Diastasis Recti (Abs Separation) Treatment by Orchard Clinic!
Start Date : 2020-08-01End Date : 2020-08-31

Get your mummy tummy treated with Orchard Clinic.

Receive a complimentary assessment and Diastasis Recti treatment by Orchard Clinic! 

Diastasis Recti is also known as the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominals muscles, or more commonly known as the “six-pack” muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach. This condition is common among mothers as it can be caused by the pressure of the growing baby, pushing the abdominal muscles out of place. 

Orchard Clinic will be giving away an assessment and a Diastasis Recti treatment trial. Orchard Clinic assessment will provide you with professional advice and a recommended treatment plan that is tailored to your condition. Orchard Clinic treatment combines the latest FDA approved technology to stimulate rapid muscle recovery and strengthen the abdominal muscles, along with skin tightening & fat reduction treatments to address saggy skin.

Orchard Clinic is a specialised centre for postnatal and postpartum conditions. Orchard Clinic came about as they saw many women dealing with issues after pregnancy such as incontinence, weak pelvic floor and poor core strength. Orchard Clinic treatments for these issues employ the latest medical technology, combined with physical therapy, for fast and effective solutions. Through the Orchard Clinic method, they seek to improve the quality of lives of many women among us.

To participate, simply:
1. Follow Orchard Clinic on Facebook/Instagram and/or Telegram 

2. Does Diastasis Recti lead to back pain?

That's all :)

Contest ends 31 Aug 2020 and winners will be announced via theAsianparent Instagram stories and/or giveaway highlights. All the best!


Terms and conditions: 
  1. Contest will run for two weeks from 1 August to 31 August 2020.
  2. Winners will be chosen by Orchard Clinic.
  3. In order to join the giveaway, participants' Instagram accounts have to be made public.
  4. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents. 
  5. Winners who do not respond to our emails within 48 hours will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.
  6. Each participant can only enter this giveaway once.
  7. Assessment and treatment sessions will have to be booked and fulfilled by 30 September 2020, otherwise, they will no longer be valid after 30 September 2020.
  8. Assessment and treatment sessions will be non-transferable from one party to another.
  9. As this is a medical device treatment, winners who have contraindications will not be able to proceed with treatment.
  10. Each entrant agrees that he/she has read and understood these Terms and by their participation in the Contest, each entrant agrees to be bound by the Terms.
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