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Callery's - Premium ice cream without the guilt!

Start Date : : 2019-01-11End Date : : 2019-01-25

4 winners stand a chance to win Callery's premium ice-cream worth $120 each!

We all grew up loving ice cream. However, adulthood snatched this favourite thing from us as we became more conscious of the ingredients, particularly, sugar and fats in it. So, turning to low cal ice creams was the only option - till now!

Presenting Callery’s ice-cream, the finest ice creams with a natural sugar substitute - low on calories, great for the taste! Callery’s ice creams have Erythritol, a naturally occurring sweeter found in fruits and vegetables, that tastes like natural sugar and is almost zero in calories. It make the ice creams super awesome! Trust us, we tried the ice creams and they are just amazing!

And we thought of sharing the same with you! So, for being awesome parents, 4 lucky winners stand a chance to win 6 tubs of Callery’s ice-creams delivered to your doorstep! (UP $120).

All you have to do is

  1. Like Callery’s ice-cream’s Instagram page (
  2. Like Callery’s ice-cream’s Facebook page (
  3. Answer which is your favourite flavour* of ice cream below (Vanilla bean, Belgian dark chocolate or Strawberry and Creme)!

Callery’s ice creams use responsibly sourced fresh ingredients, so the premiumness of the ice creams remains intact!

So hurry up and participate in the contest today! Who knows, you could be the lucky winner!

*you will get an assorted pack of ice-creams no matter what your answer is.