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2 Winners Stand to Win a Electric Breast Pump worth $450 each!
Start Date : 2019-08-04End Date : 2019-08-20

In line with International Breastfeeding Week, we will be giving away 2 Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Pump, to show support to all mamas out there.

Born out of the desire to enhance the breastfeeding journey for both mother and child, Hegen is a revolutionary and innovative express, store and feed breastfeeding support system that simplifies and complements the nursing experience for both parents and child.

Hegen’s Revolutionary Breast Pump
At 230g, the Hegen electric breast pump is one of the lightest electric breast pumps in the market, and comes with a few handy, thoughtful features for mothers, which includes a patent-pending relaxation feature.

The world’s first electric breast pump with a relaxation feature
The device also comes with an additional patent-pending kneading massage feature — resulting in the world’s first relaxation breast pump that helps soothe and calm tired muscles, using a kneading ring attachment. The kneading ring uses a kneading and cupping action that converts into a massager to soothe tense areas, a common ailment amongst breastfeeding mothers.

Easy to charge
Powered via a micro-USB charging port that allows for hassle-free charging with any power bank, the device has a battery lifespan of up to 180 minutes per charge.

Dual usage
Each electric pump features a single and double pump feature for mothers who prefer a faster way of expressing, which is also proven to stimulate a mother’s supply of breast milk.

Pace modes
When expressing, a mother can choose from two complementary modes — expression pace and expression suction level. The expression pace is a special feature made to enhance the pumping experience, available in slow, medium and fast rhythm options to supplement the suction level, which ranges from one – being the lowest suction strength to 12 – the highest suction strength.

Automatic massage function to stimulate the supply of breast milk
Prior to expressing, nursing mothers can also opt for a massage function that stimulates the let-down reflex, which stimulates milk flow for two minutes before switching to express mode.

To participate and stand a chance to win, simply: 

1. Follow the Facebook and/or Instagram pages of Hegen and theAsianparent

Hegen: |

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2. In the answer field below, Tell us why breastfeeding is important to you.

That's all :) Contest ends 19 August 2019 and winners will be announced via theAsianparent Instagram stories and/or giveaway highlights. All the best!


Terms and conditions:

1. Contest will run for two weeks from 5 August to 19 August 2019. 
2. In order to join the giveaway, participants' Instagram accounts have to be made public.
3. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents (or have a Singapore mailing address).
4. Winners will be chosen by Hegen.
5. Winners who do not respond to our emails within 48 hours will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.
6. Each participant can only enter this giveaway once.This promotion is sponsored by theAsianparent app. Apple Inc. or any other company is in no way associated with this promotion.